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What's My Yard

This is a place
to play like a child and to relax

It was 20 years ago that we built our house;
We weren't thinking about how to make a "nice yard",
we just planted and planted trees for 16 years,
and finally found ourselves in a middle of a jungle!
Something was wrong!

But I had no idea what to do
"Just be natural!!"
Well, I didn't feel comfortable ....

My two daughters grew up while I was thinking
It was 1999 when I set out to work in the yard.

Looking around the yard I screamed "Too many trees!
I don't need this ... or that ...,
Cut them down!!"
But I couldn't,
because all these trees were part of my history.

I sat down and looked around the yard;
"This is my history, and I will live with it"

I started to dig the ground which was very hard,
Remembering how actively my two daughters and our German Shepherd ran around.

I am a gardening freshman!

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